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The 12-Stitch Program for Frayed Threads

This embroidery project came to me one day while driving through town when, for some crazy reason, I got lost and had to make a U-turn in a church parking lot. While turning I saw the sign for a 12-step meeting for something anonymous. Being the crazy and fun-loving person I am I immediately thought of making a 12-step program for people like me who love embroidery and quilting to the point of forgetting that most anything else exists. With that in mind, please enjoy the humour in this project.

It has a title block, then a Serenity Prayer block, then the blocks that compose the 12-Stitch program. The blocks are stitched then sewen together for a wall hanging (or whatever you want to do with them). Sizes of the blocks are 6.5-inches high by 13.5-inches wide. The overall size of my wall hanging is 53-inches high by 35-inches wide.

Incidently, we won 3rd place at the Colorado State Fair for this, and it was my first attempt at making anything like a wall hanging or quilt.

12 Stitch program

The text might look a bit uneven but it isn't. It's the tight quilting we did that makes it looks that way.

12 stitch

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