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Using PayPal


We currently only accept US funds.

In a nutshell, using PayPal is really easy. You click on a "Buy Now" or "Add to Cart" shopping button. It will take you to a secure PayPal webpage where all you have to do is follow the prompts and/or instructions to use your own PayPal account or your Visa, Master Card, American Express, or your Discover card. That's it.

We also use the latest encrypted PayPal buttons that protects both you the buyer and us the seller.

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As a norm, we will only ship in the United States, but, if you are "out of country" and super determined to buy something we have that you need shipped to you, then you have to contact us first. From there we can quote you the proper shipping rate for an item based on your location. Once agreed upon we will make a special PayPal button for you to use for the purchase if one doesn't already exist. Once you make that purchase, we will remove the button and page to prevent them from being used by anyone else.

We cannot, and do not collect any of your personal information, even your credit card info. That's done via PayPal's secure web site. We NEVER get your personal information unless it's a shipping address for something you need mailed to you.

When you purchase via any "Buy Now" button PayPal will notify us immediately of your purchase. At that time we are legally obligated to ship the item(s) to you ASAP, and as a courtesy we'll provide you with shipping and/or tracking numbers if you ask for it.

Don't hassle us with your strange offers of how to purchase an item, and don't even bother asking us to send anything to Africa or Nigeria (unless, of course, you purchase through this site the proper way). We report scams.

There is only one way to purchase over the Internet that legally protects both us AND you, and that's through a secure site. For us it's through PayPal or through their Credit Card option, both via the "Buy Now" button.

We only accept United States Dollars, no other currencies because there are so many scams going on. To be honest, PayPal is much more secure and fool-proof.

And if anyone ever asks you for your personal information, to include your credit card info or personal data, on anything but a secure site, that's the time to GET OFF THAT SITE!!! Would you give your credit card info to a stranger at your door? Of course not! So, why would you do it over an unsecured web site on the internet? I hope never! And you can tell if you are on a secured web page by a little closed "Padlock" icon ( Closed padlock ) usually on the lower right of the page window. If it isn't there, it isn't secure so don't provide your personal information. The padlock might be one of several colors as well. The point is that it means your transaction is being encrypted for security.

We take selling over the Internet dead serious. Please do not contact us with strange requests like asking for our PayPal account number or whatever, as so many scammers do. We are very wary of scams and very up to date on them. Most importantly, we REPORT suspected fraud on a local, state, and federal level, and let the Feds do their job. We also forward suspicious email to PayPal when someone uses a supposed PayPal email address. So, let's not waste each other's time with this nonsense. If you are serious about buying an item, then let's do it the right way where we are both protected. Further Beyond, LLC, has been at this since 2003 and has yet to have a single problem.

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Lastly, to help you understand what the issues are, we've compiled the following weblinks that you can visit to learn more. And please, do visit them. Also, feel free to copy the below links for your own use and information. There are more links but these will get you pointed in the right direction.

PayPal Prevention:

PayPal Scams:

Forward suspected fraudlent email to PayPal:

Internet Fraud:

Internet and Telemarketing Fraud:


Internet Crime Complaint Center:

Internet National Fraud Information Center:

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commisson:

On Guard Online:

Very Educational: "Internet Fraud":

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Thanks for putting up with my ranting about protecting yourself. It also protects Further Beyond, LLC.


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