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We're PayPal Verified


We're PayPal Verified


PayPal Verified -
What's That Mean?

Verified status means that PayPal has confirmed our bank account and we have passed PayPal's security checks (among other things).

Having Verified status provides us with several benefits, several of which apply to you, the buyer:

— More buyer confidence because our Verified status shows other account holders that we have passed PayPal's security checks.

— Further, every PayPal Button on this site is encrypted to prevent fraud.


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And what about PayPal's FEES?

Don't worry, we pay the fees. We pay a low transaction fee and YOU DO NOT PAY any fee at all.

When you click on a "Buy Now" or "Add To Cart" shopping button, there are NO hidden fees or charges.

We've been at this since 2003 without one little problem.


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