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WAIT! STOP! Don't pay a dime to other websites until you read this. Yonder Places is absolutely 100% FREE...PERIOD!!! No logins, no registrations, no conditions, nothing. We've recently discovered that other sites have been stealing our information and charging for it, so before signing up to those sites, visit here and visit all the pages and families we have been compiling research on. It's a shame that there are those who will blatantly steal or plagerize others hard work then turn around and charge for it. It's wrong, no matter how it's done, so just know that we do not charge for anything on this site. It's a labour of love to us and although other sites will stoop to such lowly depths, we are still going to do our research for those who will benefit from finding their families.

As an aside, sites like the LDS, and Ancestry.com, and many others (on our links pages) do not steal from others. They provide all the research one can access, and although Ancestry.com does charge, it is well worth it. They provide thousands of records that you can use to your hearts content, so we are not saying they are one of those scum-bucket sites stealing and plagerizing everyone else's research.

We have a super informative ARTICLES Section, a lot of info about ORPHAN TRAINS, and much, much more. Just look to the right of this page to see how we are organized. On most pages we will have links to navigate this web site, but at any time you can click your Back button.


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By the way you might be wondering why a space shot of the Earth was chosen to be put on our main pages. It's simple. This is a genealogy website and isn't confined to American's only. After all, Americans come from all points on this beautiful planet earth . . . and who knows, maybe even from regions beyond?????

The Earthlights graphic at the top of this page is a "satellite" night shot of the Earth, and you can see the lights of populated areas.

The single image was obtained at: "Visible Earth: A Catalog of NASA images and animations of our home planet." NASA maintains ownership of all images. More images may be found at the Visible Earth website.

We hope you enjoy your visit.


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