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We Do Custom Embroidery, Digitizing and Quilting

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Before I get into the info about this website, I am selling a QBOT wiring harness for a mid arm quilting machine. The price is great.

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Visit the links on the right side of this page to read about those particular sections. We will work with you and your needs. I discuss Custom Digitizing, wherein I convert graphics into stitch designs for every embroidery machine type. And it is important to both you and I to know that you will always keep and control your copyright. Most digitizers won't let you do that.

Note: We do Custom embroidery on most things. We digitize designs for you to embroider. We digitize logos. We do not sew or make items (like a seamstress would), we embellish them with embroidery.

We also create embroidery projects and designs for sale, wherein you purchase the project from us and embroider it yourself or have a friend do it for you.

Our second passion is quilting. Our rates are exceptional.

And, we have been networking with others who do things other than what we do, so, we will have a Network page setup soon. If you want to be added to our Network page, by all means, contact us and let's talk about what you do. If it doesn't conflict with what we do, you and your website will be added to our Network page. We should all have our own little niches, and we want our business to flourish as well as other businesses. So let's work together. Let's talk:

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Pet Wardrobes and Accessories. If you want a specific design or lettering done so you can embroider on your pets clothing, just contact us for a price quote it. We do not make pet clothing. If you do, get on our Network page.

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Payment: Go to our pages on Using PayPal and read about us being PayPal Verified. "Buy Now" and "Download buttons" with instructions will be on specific pages of the projects that we sell.


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